Concept basin

The concept basin is used to test concepts in an early design phase. This concerns innovative concepts that are completely new.

The Concept basin is 200 m long, 4 m wide, and 3.6 m deep. Trials are done in calm water and in waves.

The wave generator at the end of the basin generates waves. These waves are much higher in reality. The basin also has wind ventilators and thus make the basin suitable for testing the behaviour of ships and structures in wind and waves.

Innovative concepts

The Concept basin is used for commercial projects but also for testing new, innovative concepts. To stimulate the development of innovative maritime concepts, MARIN offers start-up entrepreneurs the opportunity to test their concepts free of charge – to see whether their concepts work, to improve them, or to demonstrate them.

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Did you know

Did you know that the waves in the Concept basin in reality can be as high as 20 m?

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