Depressurised wave basin

The depressurised wave basin in Ede has wave generators, which enable cavitation studies in waves.

In the cavitation tunnel, we have seen how underwater cavitation occurs and the consequences. In the depressurised wave basin, we can determine the performance of a propeller in waves and during vessel manoeuvring.


This basin is 240 m long, has a 20 m high curved roof, and walls 1.5 m thick. The inside air pressure can be lowered to 25 millibars, 1/40 atmosphere. When a model and the waves are at scale, the air pressure above the water has also to be scaled. Thus, human activity in the basin is not possible, and all activities have to be carried out remotely from the control room.

Silent carriage

The silent carriage in this facility travels over the water behind the model and registers noise, such as that produced by the propeller. This information is required when underwater noise has to be reduced.

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Did you know

the depressurised wave basin contains 35 million litres of water, equivalent to 14 Olympic swimming pools?

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