Safety is becoming increasingly important. Through research MARIN assists sthe maritime industry and governments in enhancing the safety and efficiency of operations at sea, traffic flows and ships.

With more complex operations and intense traffic flows at sea, safety is becoming more and more important. Through risk analyses we aim to help the maritime industry and authorities to assess and improve the safety and efficiency of nautical operations, traffic flows and individual ships.


MARIN investigated the Korean Sewol ferry disaster. With 476 passengers on board the ship capsized and sank close to the South Korean shore on April 16, 2014. In total, 304 passengers died in the disaster, mainly students who were on a school trip. The captain and some other crew members were indicted for negligence and abandoning the ship, but still this national disaster raises a lot of questions and evokes emotions in South Korea. MARIN as independent research institute was asked to find out the causes of the capsizing and sinking of the ferry through simulations, model testing and the bridge simulator.

Risk analyses

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