Seakeeping and manoeuvring basin

In the seakeeping and manoeuvring basin, we test model ships on the open sea, sailing straight ahead and during manoeuvring.

These trials are done to test manoeuvrability and course stability of a vessel. The 170 m long and 40 m wide basin is large enough to carry out trials on zigzag manoeuvres and turning circles.


The basin has wave generators on two sides. As the wave-making flaps operate independently, we can generate all types of realistic waves. Because at sea, there are not only high and low waves but also oblique or diagonal waves, and waves from more than one direction at the same time. Most trials are carried out in waves of irregular patterns. We use trials in regular waves to gain essential background information.

Free sailing models

Most models trials are done with free sailing models that are not attached to the towing carriage. These models sail on their own and have an engine and propellers, active rudders, and possibly stabilisation systems. The model is actively followed by the towing carriage during a trial (measurement and observation platform) in both the longitudinal and transverse direction. From the carriage above the model, the current is regulated and data from the measurement signals are collected.

In a model trial, we frequently measure the behaviour, the wave impacts and the thrust of the propellers.

In special projects we also measure the forces on specific ship components such as, the bending moments of the hull, the forces on the rudders and the bilge keels, and the forces between the bow and stern of the high-speed vessels.


All these measurements are made to provide answers for clients who wants to know about their ship’s motion in waves so that the passengers on board do not become seasick. But also whether waves break over the bow, whether the engine is powerful enough to navigate in a storm, and whether the ship will capsize in a sharp manoeuvre. Because safety is top priority.

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Did you know

the wave generators in the seakeeping and manoeuvring basin have 330 flaps to make all types waves?

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